How to know when you’ve found the best marketing recruitment agency

How to know when you’ve found the best marketing recruitment agency

Selecting a recruitment agency is vital for job seekers and employers. A company that decides to outsource the search and selection process should look into costs, reputation, practices and policies of employment organization. For a job seeker the same factors are important, and you must select an agency that appreciates your unique skills and promotes them. An ideal recruitment agency should match qualifications with skills. Making use of a marketing recruitment agency is an effective method of filling vacancies in the sales and executive department: a good agency has a pool of qualified candidates who are actively searching for a job who have undergone screening so that you only end up with the most promising applicant.

The United Kingdom has one of the largest economies in Europe, with the economic growth being concentrated in London. At the end of July 2018 the UK unemployment rate was at 4%. With this rosy picture,the question is how do you know that you’ve found the best marketing recruitment agency in London?

1. Specialization

Various recruitment agencies are geared towards specific occupations. Select a recruiter that has in-depth knowledge in your area specialization.

An excellent recruiter limits their hub to less than ten areas of specializations. This allows them to extensively search for top talent in advance and thus be ahead of their competitors in terms of having a rich pool of candidates.

The agency’s social media presence, website and LinkedIn profile promotes their field of specialization.

2. Technology

Technology has completely revolutionized the recruiting line of work.

An excellent recruiter utilizes recent technology like ATS, email and CRM to make their work more efficient.

They use “old” technology like communicating to clients and candidates through the phone: this helps to establish a good rapport.

3. Referrals

More than half the clients and candidates who are the most excellent recruiters emanate from referrals. They place themselves as the best recruiters due to the results they give their candidates and clients. In addition, they have a well thought-out referral procedure and continually request referrals.

4. A good recruiter takes into account a client’s and candidate perspective

The best agencies visualize the services they offer through the eyes of their clients. With this in mind, they concentrate on the needs of their clients and candidates. In other words they don’t sell their services until they have taken their clients through a questioning session to establish their needs.

5. Lasting relationships

Good recruiters build strong association with their clients, often resulting into friendship:

They are respected as experts and are a private sounding board.

They have a discussion with their clients consistently, even if there is no current business between them.

They persuade their clients to share their dreams and personal facts

6. Focus on what produces results

The best recruiters know the importance of practically planning all their outgoing calls and locating new clients. They allocate most of their resources to most of the clients they attract and have not placed, but will allocate little resources to clients they can place.

7. Best recruiters are always on the lookout for new ideas and trends

After earning their professional certification, good recruiter is constantly attending conferences and participating in educational webinars in order to learn and progress. This makes them be in sync with current trends and have a competitive edge.

8. Longevity

A recruiter that has been operating for a long time has an established association with employers and thus will have a low turnover.


Most job seekers use recruitment agencies to assist them maneuver the hiring procedure. A good agency will enable you to locate more opportunities and will be a valuable permanent career associate.