Journal of Molecular Signaling Updates

Journal of Molecular Signaling Updates - Volume 1

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Abbreviated key title: J. Molec. Signal. Updat.
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Start: 2016
Volume: 1
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Cytoskeletal Signaling in Brain TumorsPages – 1-10
Quincy A. Quick

Genomic Signaling in Human Osteoarthritis-Affected Chondrocytes by HMGB1: Induction of Pro-/Anti-Inflammatory and Matrix Depleting ActivityPages – 11-23
Ashok R. Amin and Abul B.M.M.K. Islam

MicroRNA-129 Suppresses Glioblastoma Cell Proliferation by Targeting CDK6Pages 24-32
Dandan He, Xiaoyan Chen, Peter S. Reinach,Jiao Wang, Zhi-Qiang Ling, andDongsheng Yan

Bone Tissue Healing Dynamics: From Damage to ReconstructionPages – 33-40
Mariza Akemi Matsumoto, Claudia Cristina Biguetti, Angelica Cristina Fonseca and Patrícia Pinto Saraiva

Diminished Genomics Signaling of Extravascular Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Human Osteoarthritis (OA)-Affected CartilagePages – 41-50
Shaily A. Amin and Abul B.M.M.K Islam