Journal of Advanced Biomarkers Research

Journal of Advanced Biomarkers Research - Volume 1

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Igor M. Kvetnoy (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Federation) View Profile

Abbreviated key title: J. Adv. Biomark. Res.
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Start: 2015
Volume: 1
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Tau-Protein Expression in Human Buccal Epithelium: a Promising Non-Invasive Marker for Life-Time Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s DiseasePages – 1-6
Igor M. Kvetnoy, Mikhael A. Paltsev, Victoria O. Polyakova, Tatiana V. Kvetnaia, Natalia S. Linkova and Ekaterina M. Paltseva

Low Grade Inflammation Markers in Overweight ChildrenPages – 7-11
Adela V. Abregú, Teresita R. Carrizo, Elba I. Díaz, María C. Fonio and María C. Bazán