Journal of Agriculture Food and Development

Journal of Agriculture Food and Development - Volume 2

Impact of Successive Wetting and Drying Cycles on Some Physical Properties of Gypsifereous Soils

Published on: 18 January 2016

Pages: 05-15

A.W. Al-Kayssi

Soil and Water Resources Department, College of Agriculture, University of Tikrit, Iraq

Abstract: A laboratory experiment was carried out to quantify the impact of three wetting-drying cycles onphysical and mechanical properties of gypsifereous soils such as bulk density, penetration resistance, drying index, shrinkage limit and pore geometry changes.The soil gypsum content treatments were 60.0 (G1), 137.6 (G2), 275.2 (G3), 314.2 (G4), 486.0 (G5), 688.3 (G6) and 860.0 (G7) Soil samples were equilibrated to a matric potential -4.9, -9.8, -34 and -1500 kPa after saturation for each wetting-drying cycle. Peak cone index values showed that besides water content and bulk density, penetration resistance was positively affected by gypsum content. Drying index values at 1200 kPa matric potential were increased from 79.96% to 96.50% for the soils with gypsum content G1 to G7.

Keywords: Cone index, Wetting-drying cycles, Drying index, Shrinkage limit, Pore geometry.

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