Ioannis D Kanellos - Co-Editor-in-Chief - World Journal of Thyroid Research Updates

Prof. Dr. Ioannis D. Kanellos

Date of Birth: 19th November 1953
Nationality: Greek
Marital Status: Married with three children
Education & Academic Distinctions:
1971- 1977: Degree in Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
1980- 1985: Honorary Senior Registrar in General Surgery, Berlin, Germany.
13/01/1984: I completed my Doctoral Thesis at the Medical School of the Free University of Berlin, Germany.
12/04/1984: I qualified as a Specialist Surgeon.
Current Appointments:
Professor of Surgery and Chairman of the 3rdSurgical Departement.   School of Medicine, University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Professional Experience:
1977-1979: I offered my medical services to the Greek army during military service.   1979-Present:   I have performed over 10,000 operations (including many thyroid and parathyroid procedures) in Greek, German and Austrian Hospitals.
Training Abroad:
I have trained at major Surgical Clinics in Germanyand Austria for a total of 21 months.
Academic Career:
1980-Present:   I have taught General Surgery at the Free University of Berlin and also at the University of Thessaloniki.   1984-Present: I have taught medical students and I have trained Registrars in General Surgery.   I have taught surgeons as part of international training courses.   I have served on many committees responsible for assessing medical research students and I have also successfully supervised Doc students.
Research, Publications & Books:
Both the experimental work and the clinical research I have conducted have been particularly productive.   I have published over 480 papers and around one fourth of them appear in International Medical Journals, such as World Journal of Surgery, Endoscopy, Diseases of Colon and Rectum,GastrointestinalEndoscopy, Colorectal Disease and SurgicalEndoscopy, Tech in Coloproctology.Impact Factor 192.630.Many of these papers are cited frequently by various authors.   There are currently over 1500 citations.   I am the Editor of five books and have participated in the writing of seven books on Surgery.   I have been a member of the Editorial Board of the 9 journals. I am also an active reviewer for 25 Greek and International journals.   I am a member of twenty Greek and International Surgical Societies.
Other Commitments:
I have been either President or member of the organizing committee of many International and Greek Congresses. I have also been appointed as Chairman of many Panels. I have attended more than two hundred Greek and International Conferences and have been invited to deliver many speeches overall.       I was the advisor and representative of Greece in the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology (MSCP), (1996-2006). I am also the advisor and representative of Greece of the International Colorectal Cancer Club (2003-2008) and ESCP (2006-2009).   I was vice president of the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology (MSCP), (2008-2010) and president (2010-2012).   I am president of the Greek-German Society of Surgery (2006-2014).   I am vice president of the Greek Society of Coloproctology (2007-2015).

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