Maria LigiaRodriguesMacedo - Co-Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Current Plant Science Research

Maria LigiaRodriguesMacedo "Since 1993, I am Professor of the Federal University of MatoGrosso do Sul. I have PhD in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology) from the Federal University of São Paulo (1993). I am professor in the Postgraduate program of the Courses in Functional Biology (1), Plant Biology (2), Health and Development (3) eEcology and Conservation (4). Network participates in the following Postgraduate programs: Biotechnology and Biodiversity Network and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am researcher of the National Council for Research and Scientific Development since 1995. I have experience in biochemistry and proteomics, focusing on protein biochemistry, acting on the following topics: (1) Interaction Plant-Insect-Prague, emphasizing the study of toxic proteins and / or insecticides such as proteinase inhibitors, plant lectins, among others; and (2) antimicrobial proteins and peptides. Winner of the Innovation FINEP Prize in Science and Technology (1st place in 2011 and 2014, and 3 st of the Midwest region in 2010). The researcher presents an H Index equal to 20, with 1,170 citations (Scopus, ISI WEB) and Factor H = 41 (1310 citations, 85 articles) in base."

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