Hongqing Hu - Co-Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Agriculture Food and Development

Professor Dr. Hongqing Hu, College of Resource and Environment (Since 2003), Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU). He post graduated from Soil Science, HZAU, in 1991. He worked during 1991 – 98 as a Lecturer, and received Ph.D. in June 1997.

He has been awarded the second prize of science and technology advancement twice by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture, China, and the third prize twice by the government of Hubei province. He visited USA, Australia, Europe, Korea and some Asian countries for collaboration or attending international conferences. He was selected for the excellent young teacher awards by Chinese Ministry of Education. He has been conferred prestigious awards such as Best Teacher Awards of HZAU three times. He is a member of soil environment committee, the society of soil science in China. He is also the editorial member of several journals: Journal of Environmental Sciences, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural Science, The Scientific World Journal, Journal of Agriculture Science Research, Open Bioactive Compounds, Advances in Plant Sciences Research. He has served for many international journals and evaluated over thousands of manuscripts for different journals.

Dr. Hu participated in the international conferences at France, Italy, Hongkong, Thailand, etc for better interactions with renowned researchers from all over the World. His major research work involves understanding of Soil remediation, Phosphorus chemistry, Soil mineral constituents and surface properties, and soil fertility.

He has over two hundred (J. - 150 + Conf. – 20+ other 30) publications in reputed journals of Soil and environment of high impact and contributed as an author for 7 books. His highest citation for a reputed research paper is 148 (Chinese) and total citation index is over 1400 (Chinese). And the highest citation for English article is 87 and total citation is over 300. H index is 14 and his RG score is 25.07.

Prof. Dr. Hongqing Hu has guided 9 Ph.D. students and 41 Master students and 21 are under progress. In the span of last 5 yrs.(since 2010-), he has published 80 publications. He has been responsible for over 20 projects, including national natural science foundation of China, key research and development project of China, etc. He has been granted for over 6 million yuan RMB.

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