Journal of Molecular Signaling Updates

Journal of Molecular Signaling Updates - Volume 1

Bone Tissue Healing Dynamics: From Damage to Reconstruction

Published on: 25 March 2016

Pages: 33-40

Mariza Akemi Matsumoto1, Claudia Cristina Biguetti2, Angelica Cristina Fonseca2 and Patrícia Pinto Saraiva3

1Department of Basic Sciences, State of São Paulo University – FOA/UNESP, Rua José Bonifácio 1193, 16015-050 - Araçatuba, SP, Brazil; 2Department of Biological Sciences, São Paulo University – FOB/USP, Bauru, SP, Brazil and 3Oral Biology Post-Graduation Program, UniversidadeSagradoCoração – USC, Bauru, SP, Brazil

Abstract: The multitude of bone tissue functions is a reflection not only of the characteristics of its matrix, but mainly of its cell contingent and their highly organized capacity to interact, communicate, and coordinately work with each other and with other cell types, in order to keep tissue’s integrity. In adulthood, remodeling process is the basis for this condition when routinely micro damages occur and are effectively repaired by bone’s cells with the production of new bone matrix, basically dependent on bone cells signaling under RANK-RANKL-OPG system. This self-renewing capacity of bone makes possible fixing major bone damages like fractures or defects caused by trauma or diseases. In addition, bone tissue environment presents mechanisms of recognition and acceptance of some specific foreign materials (biomaterials) mainly commanded by immune system’s cells, in order to use them as scaffolds for matrix deposition. In this review, some of the main signaling mechanisms and biological dynamics that dictate bone healing in damage and reconstruction will be presented, in order to contribute with the understanding on the uniqueness of these events, considering its biological constitution and functional activities.

Keywords: Bone healing, Bone fracture, Bone substitute materials, Cell signaling, Macrophages.

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