Global Journal of Oral Science

Global Journal of Oral Science - Volume 1

The Treatment of Acute Periodontal Abscess and Secondary Occlusal Trauma: A Case Report

Published on: 16 December 2015

Pages: 29-33

Daniela Martins de Souza and Sofia Prado Costa Marçon

Pindamonhangaba Dental College, Christian Life University Foundation, Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Abstract: The periodontal abscess is a purulent matter located in the periodontal supporting tissues. The aim of the current study is to report the clinical case of a patient with chronic periodontitis who sought emergency treatment. The clinical examination identified pain, mobility, gingival swelling, fistula and suppuration in the region of tooth 21. We verified the absence of malaise, fever and lymphadenopathy by assessing the systemic condition. The option was made for the abscess drainage and subgingival scaling treatment modality without antibiotic therapy. The emergency treatment succeeded in resolving the inflammatory process and in reducing the probing depth. However, after 28 days, the tooth presented extrusion and secondary occlusal trauma, thus requiring subsequent occlusal adjustment.

Keywords: Periodontitis, Occlusion, Periodontium, Periodontal abscess, Occlusal adjustment.

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