Global Journal of Oral Science

Global Journal of Oral Science - Volume 1

AdenomatoidOdontogenic Tumor of Maxillary Sinus - A Diagnostic Dilemma: Case Report and Brief Literature Review

Published on: 28 December 2015

Pages: 34-38

Deepak Passi1, Sarang Sharma2, Shubha Ranjan Dutta3 and Dhirendra Srivastava4

1ESIC Dental College and Hospital, Rohini-85, Delhi, India; 2Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endo-dontics, ESIC Dental College and Hospital, Rohini-89, Delhi, India; 3Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, MB Kedia Dental College, Birgunj, Nepal and 4Department of Oral Surgery, ESIC Dental College and Hospital, Sector 15, Rohini-89, Delhi, India.

Abstract: Adenomatoidodontogenic tumor (AOT), constituting approximately 3-7% of all odontogenic tumors is described as a rare benign epithelial tumor of odontogenic origin. It is composed of odontogenic epithelium arranged in a variety of histoarchitectural presentations and closely resembles an ameloblastoma. AOT is mostly asymptomatic and is usually associated with impacted teeth in maxillary anterior region. We present a case of intraosseus follicular AOT existing in the maxillary sinus of a 14-year-old female child involving lateral incisor and canine impacted towards the orbital floor.The cystic tumor filled maxillary sinus and was removed along with the retained tooth. At one year follow up, healing was uneventful and no local recurrence was seen.

Keywords: Adenomatoidodontogenic tumor, Dentigerous cyst, Maxillary sinus,Odontogenictumour, Enucleation.

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